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Rio Tinto Full Dome Brick


The Rio Tinto full dome brick pizza oven is made with old world bricks that create the largest and most unique wood fired oven we offer. This will obviously help create an outdoor kitchen which will be the envy all of your neighbours.

This full dome brick pizza oven is handmade in Europe using the triple insulation technique. The interior wall is brick and refractory cement. A layer of insulation is next applied to the outside of the interior wall. A second layer of refractory cement is applied to create the beautiful brick exterior which will enhance your outdoor cooking space.

Pizzas are as popular now as they have ever been. The same is true of barbecues. We need few excuses these days to enjoy alfresco dining, other than a fine day. There is also nothing better than making your own pizzas. The Rio Tinto Brick oven is a well insulated Outdoor Pizza Oven which has been made in Portugal, using traditional methods. Capable of reaching between 350° and 400°, faster than other similar ovens thanks to its excellent thermal mass figures, the oven will also maintain the temperature for longer.

 With high cooking temperatures, this oven will produce the perfectly cooked pizza with a crispy base in around a minute. The high temperatures are also great for tandoor style cooking and as the oven cools, it lends itself to breads and slow cooking. 

The external dimensions of this Rio Tinto oven are 110cm x 110cm. With an attractive brick finish, it not only delivers on looks, but features too and would provide a wonderful centrepiece to any garden kitchen.

You won’t be struggling for space in the oven either, the cooking area is a massive 90cm x 75cm, plenty of space to cook a veritable feast. The aluminium door is in two parts, measuring 39cm x 28cm, with a glass viewing window in the top section so you can keep an eye on things without having to open the door and lose heat. There is a hole for a rotisserie spit (available to purchase separately) in the door, with corresponding spigots inside the oven at the rear, ideal for spit roasted chicken or other slow roasting meat joints. 

The Rio Tinto will require a suitable base to support it as it weighs in at an impressive 850kgs.Depending whether you intend to include a working surface at the side, the base should be a minimum of 110cm square.



Comes in the following configurations:

Old World brick exterior with two black doors with a glass observation window.

Our wood-fired ovens are handcrafted by European artisans in the old world style. In order to preserve your oven for many years of family fun, we recommend the following initial steps:

  • Prep & cure the oven with a small fire to dry out any moisture
  • Repeat this process for 5 consecutive days before cooking your first meal
  • The oven is at temperature when the black on the walls (charcoal) is burned off and the interior becomes white

If you see any cracking – no worries!! Any imperfections you may see are totally natural and not a cause for concern. Cracking will occur inside and out. They are only slight, as the oven expands with heat and contracts with cooling. Rest assured, completing the proper prepping instructions, cracks will be minimal & small in size. Patch kits are available to repair cosmetic cracks on the exterior if desired.


Base 110cm x 110cm
Outside height 90cm
Double Door Height/Width 28cm H. x 40cm W.
Inside Dimensions 71cm D. x 74cm W. x 48cm H.

Optional Accessories:

*1000mm Chimney
*Chimney Cap * Pizza oven weatherproof cover *Stainless Steel Toolkit or
* Wooden Toolkit(as shown)

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Standard Accessories:

5” Chimney with Damper
Celsius Thermometer
0-500 degrees


There is nothing like cooking in Rio Tinto Brick Wood-Fired Oven. The flavours are outstanding.

So gather your family and friends and start creating those wonderful memories of cooking & dining al fresco under the stars.

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